Theodis Butler Data Technologist

Theodis Butler, Jr.

Data TechnologistĀ  metechsmall


My name is Theodis Butler, Jr. Making computers and technology work for you is my motto. I make sure you get the most utilization and return on investment for any product purchased for your home or office.

I also enjoy programming, web application development, systems integration, and all things related to computer systems and technology.
There isn’t much I can’t do when it comes to computers and/or software. I especially like designing gadgets with my raspberry pi and using other embedded systems to accomplish business goals.
One of my favorite rapid prototyping systems is the Arduino.
I am an avid reader and love to absorb new information or get lost in a story. I’m also a big movie person and love theatre.
I’m not afraid to admit that I do have a criminal pastĀ for “breach of computer security” but that has only opened more doors for me and ironically is very respectable among people–except for the government.
I have two sweet kids, Emma and Jeremy, and my family and friends are what keep me going and makes me continue to strive to do my best.

Theodis is greek for “God’s gift to the world”.

While I don’t think of myself as Jesus or God, I do feel as I am empowered by the power that comes from above.

I’m always looking to make the world a better place for all people.

To learn more, see myĀ resume, orĀ contact meĀ with any questions.

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