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Jack asked 8 months ago

Having read your post on the Farr v. Wells, I would say that I agree on many of your points.
I am interested in hearing about your trial(s) in front of judge Farr.
I so had a divorce with two children at the crux of the matter, however, my outcome was seemingly much different than yours.
Just a quick overview.
I did not go Pro Se. I had a lawyer there to represent me for the entire 20 month process.
Long story short, the trial did not end in my favor.
That is not my issue, my issue stems from what you wrote in your post. The trial is supposed to be about what is in the best interest of the children and you quickly breezed over part of the Texas statutes however, I believe that I can make a very strong case that judge Farr did not (or does not) do what is best for the children.

It is my personal opinion that judge Farr does not actually know the statutes (and I have good reason to think this) and did not (or does not) take the time to read the material for his court preparation.
Everything that I state here, I can back up with court documents and police records to prove my point(s). Then I can add in my own evidence to further my points.
As you have shown in your post, the best interest of the children are supposed to take 1st place however, Judge Farr did not seem to go by that.
Final decree, Judge Farr found me to be Joint Managing Conservator (JMC) of the children. For this to happen (by statute), the judge cannot find reasoning that you are a threat of any kind to your children.
Final decree, Judge Farr did NOT find guilt of any criminal behavior.
Police records clearly show that I have never been arrested nor have I have I ever been charged with any crimes.
Court records clearly show that I filed for divorce.
Court records show that after my ex was served with papers (affidavit), she responded with heinous allegations of wrong doing.
Police records show that after she filed her affidavit, the ex proceeded to file police reports (apparently to shore up her allegations).
Police records show that the police were unable to corroborate the allegations. They stated specifically that they could not corroborate the time or date of the supposed evidence. The police reports also state clearly that they were unable to find other allegations supposedly made to the Corpus Christi police department… something she stated she did.
Police records clearly show that all allegations where investigated, closed, unfounded, with no arrests made or charges brought. This was a year prior to our final decree court date with Judge Farr.
So now without any findings of guilt (by the judge or others), no arrests, set as JMC, and contrary to what the Texas Family Code (TFC) statutes say, Judge Farr made the final decree.
I am only allowed to see my children 8 hours per month. 4 hours on the second Saturday and 4 hours on the fourth Saturday of the month.
My visitation time with the children are to be supervised (at a cost to me).
I must drive down to Corpus Christi to visit with my children (4 hour drive there, 4 hour drive back).
The TFC code used by judge Farr is not applicable for very serious reasons.
After filing for reasons (TFC 153.258 Request for Findings When Order Varies From Standard Order) on how judge Farr got to his (in my opinion bogus) conclusion(s), he responded back through his court coordinator, I am told that I will need to seek legal help to get him to fulfill this request.
If you read the request, he is mandated to supply this information but seemingly refuses to.
Judge Farr has broken so many rules and ignored many others.
I can not help but wonder if he actually knows what he is doing or if he is simply going to the motions.
I am more than willing to have an exchange of information with you or anyone who will actually listen.
Everything I say here can be proven through records. All the statues are clear in what they say… but judge Farr decided (knowingly or otherwise) to hurt my children. (I can back that statement up as well)

I would love to hear what you have to say on this matter.
Thank you