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Judge Lina Hidalgo is a fraidy-cat

Judge Lina Hidalgo is a fraidy-cat

Youngster Lina Hidalgo is hesitant to take action and support community leader Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg’s proposed budget and the hiring of new prosecutors to help make our city a safer place...


Set your default TTL to 65. Reboot your computer after you make this registry change. Make sure user agent switcher is installed in Firefox. Switch to Google Android User Agent using a UA extension...

OurAPIServer Evaluate Action

Today we show a new API developed for a client with very special requirements, the goal of the client was search multiples values in an specific field. For do this API we use the...

How to perform math with OurAPIServer

Execute simple math @operations. Example http://OURAPISERVER/sum/1/2 http://OURAPISERVER/diff/4/2 http://OURAPISERVER/mult/3/2 http://OURAPISERVER/div/6/2 URL http://OURAPISERVER/@op/@a/@b PARAMETERS @op => operation [sum|diff|mult|div] @a => param1 @b => param2