Author: Theodis Butler

Woocommerce to Odoo 10.0 Connector FREE

I have developed a PHP script that utilized the WordPress and Woocommerce API to keep products in sync with Odoo. Since the Odoo utilized a postgres database, and Woocommerce uses a MySQL database, we...

Coupon Piggy

Coupon Piggy Helps You Save At The Checkout

Join Coupon PiggyĀ in order to automatically save money while shopping online. The Google chrome extension automatically finds and applies the best coupon to save you money at checkout. No more having to manually lookup...

Play The Lottery Online

You can play the lottery online here. If you want to get in the lotto business and make money online sign up as a lotto affiliateĀ instead.

How to Start a Porn Website

Building your own porn website is easy. For less than $30/mo, you can become apart of the multi-billion dollar adult entertainment industry. We modify a Video CMS scriptĀ originally designed to automate the publishing of...