$1,050 Free Amazon AWS Credits for Cloud Computing

AWS Security

You can earn up to $1,050 free Amazon AWS credits just by trying out security products in the cloud.

There are two catches:

  1. You must already be an Amazon AWS customer
  2. You need to run each instance for at least 120 hours.

Also, the credits only apply to the following Amazon web services:

  • AWS Data Transfer
  • Unattached Elastic IPs
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • Elastic Block Storage
  • Redshift
  • RDS

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HOWTO: Migrate from Shared Hosting to VPS

There are several reasons for migrating from Shared Hosting to a VPS or dedicated server. Speed, SEO, control, easier troubleshooting to name a few. The only reason you should not migrate from shared hosting to a VPS is if you call your hosting company’s tech support department.

Recently I had a server become in accessible at my former webhost Godaddy. I decided to build my own hosting systems for a fraction of the cost.

Preparing VPS for Migration from Shared Hosting

Install FTP Server

apt-get install vsftpd

Install Fail2Ban

apt-get install fail2ban

Generate SSH key


No password

Enable modules

php5enmod mcrypt

a2enmod rewrite

apt-get install php-http

Migrate Cron Jobs

Pause your crontab

Adjust command paths and directories

Migrate files

Enable SSH account and add your public key to .ssh folder in your home directory on the Shared Hosting Server


rsync –log-file=rsync_log.txt -avzh -e ‘ssh -p 2222′ [email protected]:/home2/theodis/public_html /var/www/html/
rsync –log-file=rsync_log.txt -avzh -e ‘ssh -p 2222 -i /root/.ssh/id_rsa’ [email protected]:/home2/theodis/public_html / /var/www/html/

Migrate Email

Migrating Databases

Click Remote MySQL add the IP address of your new VPS

Add a user  with “ALL PRIVILIEGES” to each databases (i.e. migrate) and give a long unique random password, avoid special characters.

You may want to put any websites or systems in maintenance mode first.

Issue the following command from your VPS

mysqldump -h192.185.41.44 -umysql_username -pYourPass –compress –all-databases > all_databases.sql

Restore databases into your local Mysql server

mysql -uroot -pyour_pass <all_databases.sql

Migrate SSL certificates

Install SMTP Server


Depending on transfer in amount allowed; time it at beginning of billing cycle

Skadate Face Cropping

I hear a lot of complaints about lack of face cropping in Skadate for profile photos.

How to Make Fake SkaDate Profiles Come to Life

If you have purchased skadate profiles and are looking for a way to get more value from them, try having them automatically sign-in at random times throughout the day. This will give your website the impression of being busy.

Let’s face it, no one likes to walk into a party that is “dead”.

To get the most use out of skadate profiles use a program that automatically generates activity on the site via the false profiles.

Should You Purchase Skadate Fake Profiles

I am often asked if purchasing fake profiles for Skadate is a good idea?


Almost all online dating sites have fake profiles and sometimes even people utilizing multiple identities.

While this can be viewed as deceptive business practice by consumers, it is actually a great marketing technique to attract more customers and improve upgrade conversion rates.

Should You Buy an Raspberry Pi

Before buying a Raspberry Pi you should first have a game plan of what you will use it for. It should serve specific function and should only be used in a development environment. I have found it is best used to try out media center deployments and even then Andriod based home media centers are fast becoming more popular.

Free SIP Trunk with IP Comms and Asterisk

First, install asterisk on your server

apt-get install asterisk

Edit sip.conf in /etc/asterisk directory to add a sip trunk.

Edit extensions.conf in /etc/asterisk directory to add a phone extension.

IP Comms Configuration

username= *Username*
secret= *secret*

register => username:[email protected]/username

“What do I do if my asterisk server has a private IP Address in sip_nat.conf or Asterisk SIP Settings in freePBX”

externip=Your external IP
localnet = your local network/ subnet mask (Example:

Cyber Grand Challenge Frequently Asked Questions Latest Release

Centerpoint Energy

The latest update from DARPA cyber crime challenge was released on Christmas Eve! Could this possibly support what some of the  conspiracy theorist have been saying about the program.

You can download the latest cyber grand challenge frequently asked questions document.

Never Install VirtualBox on Server Hardware

While I a fan of VirtualBox, it should never be installed on server hardware and ran in a production environment.

I have found that VirtualBox is best installed on beefy computer desktops or laptops and only for the purposes of testing or developing only.

The reasons are simple:

  1. VirtualBox is not a bare-bones hypervisor
  2. Multi-User security is missing
  3. Third-party Web-based management
  4. Confusing Open-source and Proprietary Oracle release

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Scraping Harris County Arrest Records

I have a website where I provide free arrest records for the public.

A combination of wget and a few lines of bash shell scripting and I’m download records and inserting them into a local MySQL database.

You can find the website at http://www.buckfumble.com.


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