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Should You Purchase Skadate Fake Profiles

I am often asked if purchasing fake profiles for Skadate is a good idea? Absolutely! Almost all online dating sites have fake profiles and sometimes even people utilizing multiple identities. While this can be...

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Should You Buy an Raspberry Pi

Before buying a Raspberry Pi you should first have a game plan of what you will use it for. It should serve specific function and should only be used in a development environment. I...

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Free SIP Trunk with IP Comms and Asterisk

First, install asterisk on your server apt-get install asterisk Edit sip.conf in /etc/asterisk directory to add a sip trunk. Edit extensions.conf in /etc/asterisk directory to add a phone extension. IP Comms Configuration username= *Username*...

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Scraping Harris County Arrest Records

I have a website where I provide free arrest records for the public. A combination of wget and a few lines of bash shell scripting and I’m download records and inserting them into a...

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Mobile Phones as a Collaboration Tool

In my years of IT Management for a global company, I have found that effective collaboration is hard to come by. Meetings are boring, communicating through e-mail is difficult and it is all too easy...


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